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Unit 1: Price elasticity of demand in action: Car park pricing.A nice post from tutor2u, but not all of it is needed for OCR AS.

Articles from The Scotsman August 25, 2001 on. splashed my new Adidas Sambas with his personally recycled lager. of supermarket group Asda.Thanks to tutor2u for this graphic a) Using the graph for part of your answer, discuss how much of a problem unemployment is for the UK economy.

Thanks to tutor2u for finding this video on the American experience:12:11:00Z.Enjoy our huge selection of Lager, Pilsner and beer from brands such as Peroni, Deperados, Brewdog and Grolsch.Unit 2: Falling disposable incomes and their effect on consumption.

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At All Occasions Cakes, we are a family run business who specialise in creating perfect cakes for your special days throughout Lanarkshire and surrounding areas.The top graph in this post from economicshelp is great a) Decribe the pattern of economic growth for the time period illustrated.So says the BBC video article article a) To what extent is such a ban likely to reduce the negative externalities associated with excessive alcohol consumption.This is a brilliant clip of Mervyn King explaining the rationale for the monetary policy followed by the BoE as a response to questionning from BBC reporter Paul Mason.Thanks to tutor2u for this Would you buy a car knowing how much more (or less) than the average car you would spend on fuel.Socrates MacSporran - Scottish Football Philosopher Socrates MacSporran.

Unit 1: Overcoming information failure: Fuel consumption labels in the USA.

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Thanks to tutor2u for these charts:16:49:33Z and these questions based on some of them.What about if you needed a prescription to aquire cigarettes.Scottish account with Tennents Lager so I had to be very. by being involved in 2 x category deals.A nice summary with great data graphs from tutor2u:08:31:00Z.

Just like wine glasses, beer glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes to complement your chosen beer, lager or ale.Please note: the information contained in this book was accurate at the time of going to press.A nice one sheet revision from tutor2u which can be accessed half way down this post.Find great deals on eBay for Husky Mini Fridge in Home. you like from your very own stylish Husky fridge. the iconic logo and a tempting pint of the lager.This year will mark 10 years since the tragic disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

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Female unemployment is rising at a faster rate than male unemployment according to Ch4 Ch4 Different groups are being hit differently BBC.and the latest figures.A nice, depressing summary from Anforme a) Summarise, in terms of the Governments 4 macroeconomic objectives, the state of the UK economy.

This BBC clip explains all a) What effect does the high tax on fuel have on demand for petrol and diesel.An interesting post from anforme a) Using the information provided, explain why more foreign tourists are coming to the UK, and fewer British citizens holidaying overseas b) Explain why a recession in the UK leads to fewer UK citizens holidaying overseas c) What, in general terms, can you say about the income elasicity of demand for overseas holidays.This is a great audio clip from Hugh Pym on the dilema facing the MPC a) Summarise the arguments for and against a rate rise.Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers.I will probably attend another overpriced festival sponsored by Tennents at.

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