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I read somewhere that we can send our expired coupons to wives in the military.Instead send them to the military and their families who are stationed overseas.The reason is they want those to remain flat enough to fit through a thin mail slot.

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I was suprised on how easy and cheap it is to send expired coupons to our troops stationed out of the US.What to do with your Expired Coupons. money is that you can send your expired coupons overseas.Sharing: If you have been on the Internet for any length of time, as you can imagine, our grocery saving tips have been copied and shared around the web for many years without our knowledge or permission.Please send coupons for our Military Family Coupon Project directly to the base addresses we have provided, not to our company address.

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Overseas Exchange Locations Now Accepting Expired Coupons. of bases to send coupons to.I regularly send my expired coupons to. the expired coupons to military families overseas.Military discount websites, organizations that send expired coupons to overseas military, sales tax free holidays.The prices in overseas commissaries are significantly higher than those in the States and military families do not always have access to coupons in newspapers and.Our military members living overseas can use expired manufactures coupons up to 6 months after they expire.It appears that some (but not all) POs are now requesting coupons be sent in Priority Mail 14.5 x 11.5 flexible paper envelopes instead of the Flat Rate 9 x 12 cardboard envelopes like we have always used.

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If you know a. family stationed overseas, send your coupons their direction.

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Military Families can use expired coupons for up to 6 months past the expiration date.Please give me an address so I can help the overseas military.

Overseas, for military. an easy way to send coupons to our military.The Post Office will USUALLY accept coupon-packed flat rate envelopes.Overseas military personnel can use expired coupons 6 months.

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Donate Donate expired coupons to military families around the world.

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Military Coupon Program. families serving our country overseas.

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Base List The following is a list of all American military bases overseas which currently participate in the OCP and their addresses, their service.

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Each month I go through my coupon book and sift out a mound of expired coupons.

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Send Your Expired Coupons to Overseas Military Families